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Gasoline | 2005-2020 Data | 2021-2022 Forecast | Price ... Gasoline is the largest single volume refined product sold in the United States accounting for almost half of national oil consumption. The NYMEX Division New York harbor unleaded gasoline futures contract and reformulated gasoline blendstock for oxygen blending (RBOB) futures contract trade in units of 42,000 gallons (1,000 barrels). The relationship between retail gasoline prices and ... May 11, 2011 · Second, EIA considers the probability the realized RBOB spot price may be above or below given price levels based on the futures contract price and the implied volatility derived from prices in the futures options markets (see Energy Price Volatility and Forecast Uncertainty). For example, over the 5 days ending May 5, 2011, the NYMEX RBOB

REUTERS/Choi Dae-woong 12-month price forecast: $2.70/gal Current price: $3.00/gal "W hile the tightness in the RIN market remains an upside risk for RBOB prices, we expect the underlying gasoline

Note: Reformulated Blendstock for Oxgenate Blending (RBOB) Gasoline, prices in USD per gallon (gal). Daily prices. Sample Report. Price forecasts and  4 Feb 2020 Our weekly Crude Oil Forecast and daily updates are much more detailed and thorough energy price forecasts that cover WTI, Brent, RBOB  1 May 2017 (RBOB) and heating oil (HO) which both are denominated in US cents RBMs to solve many problems such as forecasting electricity prices,. 25 Jul 2013 12-month price forecast: $2.70/gal. Current price: $3.00/gal. "While the tightness in the RIN market remains an upside risk for RBOB prices, we  30 Dec 2019 NYMEX January RBOB settled down 1.90 cents at $1.7283/gal and Syria and Iraq over the weekend likely contributed to higher Brent prices.

Gasoline | 2005-2020 Data | 2021-2022 Forecast | Price ...

Gasoline Price History. Use our on-demand historical databases to pull spot, rack and retail gasoline price history as-needed or request a custom report. Spot and wholesale gasoline price history is available through TimeSeries, an on-demand database for self-service historical price searches. Data goes back 30+ years in some markets. New York Harbor RBOB Gasoline - WTRG Daily NYMEX RBOB Gasoline Futures Prices - NYMEX , April 3, 2020: RBOB Gasoline Futures Price for May delivery closed up $0.0288 to $0.6916 per gallon. RBOB is a wholesale non-oxygentated blendstock traded in the New York Harbor barge market that is … Gasoline Forecast: May RBOB Futures Forming Fifth Wave ... Mar 28, 2016 · Since early February, RBOB gasoline futures have been trending higher, forming a five-wave pattern. We follow a few simple rules when breaking down a five-wave move. Generally, each of the impulse waves (I, III, V) have to be proportional to one another, each of the impulse waves should break down into five-sub-waves, and most importantly, … Continue reading Gasoline Forecast: May RBOB