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19 Sep 2016 He sees smart beta growing in fixed income and throughout portfolios, thanks to ETFs. 31 Oct 2018 applications to fixed income and multi-asset. We look at the practical issues of implementation in theme 4. In factor investing, investors have a  5 Feb 2019 Davi believes Astoria's edge is in using factor tilts to get risk-adjusted that cash is attractively priced relative to longer-duration fixed income. CONTRIBUTORS Factor-Based Investing in Fixed Income: A ... Factor-Based Investing in Fixed Income January 2016 RESEARCH | Fixed Income 4 Risk Factors and Fixed Income Investing Despite the importance of factors, factor-based investing in fixed income has been slow to develop and remains a nascent area of study. This is driven in part by the lack of data, relatively opaque pricing, and a relative Fixed income factors – Institutional | BlackRock

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Factor investing in fixed income, however, takes a different form from factor investing in equities because there are fundamental differences between bonds and  22 Oct 2019 “This materializes in the expansion of the opportunity set in equities and increasing demand for fixed income factor solutions,” de Martel said. “In  Factor-Based Investing in Fixed. Income: A Case Study of the U.S.. Investment- Grade Corporate Bond. Market. Factor-based investing is a well-established  1 Jul 2019 Factor investing's footprint within fixed income is proliferating as more institutional investors push their asset managers to adopt the equities 

Factor investing strategies for credit markets are increasingly on the radar of researchers and investors. We see three clear trends: a rising number of academic papers on the topic, a strong demand from investors and a growing range of fixed income ‘smart beta’ funds on offer.

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